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Relevant Forms

Virtual Server / Machine Virtual Machine Request Form
Co-location Service Co-location form   H/W Details Form   Co-location Policy   Application Detail
Web Hosting Service Visit the website http://webservices.nic.in 
Database Hosting Visit the website http://webservices.nic.in 
Storage Service SAN Space Request Form
Backup Service Backup Request Form        Restore Request Form   
Webcast Service  
  Network Request Form
  Entry Form to IDC for NIC Officials
  Temporary Permission in Equipment Area
  Entry Permission to IDC for Other Organisations whose Servers are co-located in IDC
  Visitors Entry Form to IDC
  Removal of Equipments From IDC
  Equipments Entry Form
  Change Management Form

National Informatics Centre
Department of Information Technology
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Contact us at :
Phone : 91-11-24364206, 24305038, 24305039 
Email : sansupport@nic.in